Gossner College Ranchi

Ranchi Jharkhand



  • Read the instruction properly.
  • Click on the "Registration" link below to open registration page.
  • Enter your Application No., Transaction No., Email, Mobile No and select 'Sujbect' for test.
  • Carefully enter all fields given in the Registration Form and click "Submit" button.
  • In the next page, Click "Start Exam" button to begin the exam.
  • If you have entered the exam page before the start time then please click on the "If Question links do not appear then Click Here" bar to load the question paper.
  • Write all answers in a white sheet. Create 1 pdf file and submit it from the section below question paper. (Only 1 pdf file is allowed.)
  • Also send your answer file (pdf) to gcranadmission@gmail.com before the end time of the exam.
  • Candidates are recommended to Register for examination 10 minutes prior to the starting time. Nobody will be allowed to Register for examination after the starting time.
  • Submit your Answer (in pdf) before the Exam End Time. After that nobody is allowed to submit.
  • Use Computer or Laptop for proper viewing and handling.
  • In case of any technical issue please call 6201867067


Exam Schedule

Date10.30 AM to 11.10 AM12.00 Noon to 12.40 PM

Economics, Political Science, Chemistry



Hindi. English

BBA, Biotech, BCA, IT


History, Geography, Mathematics, Zoology

B.Com. (Accounts)

In case of any technical issue please call 6201867067